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  • How can I order Hundswerk products?
    Hundswerk manufactures to measure, tailored to your 4-legged friend. - First choose between collar, leash or set or choose a product from our finished collections. (Finished collections are already put together in terms of colour) - Choose a main color and additional colors (if desired) - Choose the carabiner that suits you (scissor or bolt carabiner) - Tell us the neck circumference of your 4-legged friend Within a few days the new styling will come to you :-)
  • How long do I have to wait for the new styling of my 4-legged friend?
    We always try to re-clothe our patient four-legged friends as quickly as possible. We can usually do this within a few working days. This may vary (especially after trade fairs) and may take up to 3 weeks. Please let us know if you need your product quickly (e.g. as a gift, for an exhibition, etc.)
  • Which collar fits my 4-legged friend?
    Like so many things, the choice of the new styling is a matter of taste :-) For very small dogs (neck circumference less than 35 cm), we have our "Hundsherum" and "Hundswow" (narrow!) models to choose from. Larger dogs can carry all of our products well. Width and thickness are always described with the product itself. We're happy to help you with your decision - bark us something!
  • How do I choose the right color combination?
    Our tip: Less is more ;-) We recommend a strong color (e.g. blue) in combination with earthy colors (cream, beige etc.) or shades of the same color (e.g. dark blue, baby blue) Need help choosing colors? Just take a look at our collections - we have already made a wide selection here. Or write to us in the chat or contact form - we would be happy to advise you!
  • How do I measure the neck circumference of my 4-legged friend?
    Please always measure directly on the dog and not the collar! Since the thickness of the collar affects the girth, this will result in variations and the new collar will not fit.. that would be a shame. Just take a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference of the neck where the collar should sit and how it should sit (i.e. looser or tighter). Questions? Just contact us :-)
  • Are Hundswerk collars adjustable in size?
    Yes! We manufacture all collars with real leather adapters - so the collar fits even if your dog is shaved or gaining / losing weight. Alternatively, we are also happy to manufacture with aluminum buckles. These are very light and of high quality, but not adjustable in size! Is your dog still growing? Just let us know and we'll make the collar so that it currently fits the smallest hole in the adapter and you still have leeway :-)
  • Are Hundswerk products washable?
    Yes, we recommend cleaning them with a damp microfiber cloth. Paracord is very robust and durable! Alternatively, you can also use a gentle wash cycle - however, there is a risk that the wooden buttons will wear out over time.
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